Expert Water Heater Repair and Installation Service in Austin TX

The benefits of a water heater are beyond the anticipation of the user. This is because water heaters are designed with high-end materials that can help you use them for a long time without any problem.

However, since no machine is one hundred percent efficient, water heaters are also liable to breaking down or damages. With the many advantages that this appliance offers, it is excruciating that many homeowners tend to ignore the obvious.   

Our plumbing company will help customers repair damaged or faulty water heaters irrespective of the condition. Even if the problem is complex, we understand and know what to do in bringing back your water heater to the best shape.

Since water heaters can face a plethora of working challenges, we will list some of the common problems you may encounter.   

Problem 1: Leaking Water Heater

The problem of a leaking water heater can come from different sources. For instance, a corroded tank can eventually make your water heater experience massive leaking. 

In this case, you need to carry out an urgent replacement of the corroded tank. Even a simple valve that should be properly tightened can cause a water heater to leak continuously.  

The first thing to do when suspecting a leaky water heater is to determine the current condition of the device. Check to see of the heater is generating condensation or leaking. 

In case the device is leaking, then try to find the spot and hire an expert to do the repair. There is every possibility that a leaky water heater cannot be repaired, but need total replacement.  

Problem 2: Water Heater with Popping Sounds

Water heaters can sometimes display rumbling or popcorn noises. When this occurs, it means that your appliance has the accumulation of sediments inside.

A sediment accumulation often occurs due to the problem of hard water. Hard water contains a high level of minerals in it. 

After using your water heater for several, minerals or sediments start to build up at the bottom of the device.

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Over the years, this accumulation will lead to the development of a thick layer called sediment. The best solution to a water heater displaying popping sounds is by hiring a professional plumber to flush the appliance. 

Problem 3: Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping Your Water Heater

More power can be drawn by your water heater for several reasons. When a water heater draws more power, it may eventually trip or turn off the circuit breaker. Poor wiring, a bad thermostat and heater element are three causes of a water heater making your circuit breaker to trip.  

In this case, you may be required to switch off your appliance. The next step to take is by contacting a professional plumber. Ensure not to replace the breaker or continuously reset it. During this period, you should not make use of hot water. Getting a water heater repair may help to resolve the problem. 

How to get your water heater repaired in Austin

With our plumbing service based in Austin, TX, you get your damaged water heater properly repaired for a fraction of the cost. We have customers in mind and will do everything to provide the best satisfaction you need concerning water heater repairs, replacements, or installations.

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