Professional Sewer Backup Cleaning in Austin

It is hard to think of sewer pipes just like any other systems at home. Nevertheless, when these sewer pipes stop functioning properly, you may be force to have a second thought. 

Each drop of water falling from faucets need to be handled by your home plumbing systems. Home plumbing systems can as well capture cup of grease, every strand of hair, laundry detergent, shampoo and soap entering your drains.  

There can be clogging in your pipes when these items combine together before moving down the drain. This will also lead to a sewer backup in reality. Sewer backups can be caused by some other unforeseen events hiding beneath your home floors or lawns. 

It will be easy to troubleshoot any home drainage system when you know the real cause of sewer backups.  

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With this idea, you will be able to determine if a professional should be hired immediately or not. We can help to diagnose nagging sewer system backup issues that you face at home. Here are some of the most common causes of a sewage backup 

Collapsed/Broken Sewer Lines

Collapsed, cracked, or broken lines can lead to a sewer backup problem when your home is old. The new norm is to make use of plastic sewer lines. Older homes were designed using clay piping and cast iron that can get damaged with time. This is one of the fastest ways of experiencing a sewer problem.  

Tree Roots

Tree roots have been discovered as one of the potential sources for home sewer backups. In reality, the area or portion of land above your sewer line may not have any presence of trees. The truth is that roots of a tree in your neighbor’s property may be the cause of the sewer problem you face.   When tree roots develop to an extent, they can either cause blockages, holes or grow into your pipes. Tree roots also have the tendency to wrap or grow around the sewer line and eventually damage it. Remember that slightly beneath the surface of your lawn is where you find most sewer pipes 


Clogging is one of the obvious sources of sewer system backup just like a drain pipe. In case it is a tub, sink, or toilet creating this problem, the actual cause may be a simple clog within the drain. If the main sewer line is blocked, it can be due to every flush to eventually end up as sewage backup. The proper use of drains and regular maintenance can help to prevent most sewer clogs. If you ever experienced a sewer clogging and wants to make it clear, calling a professional plumber can help the course.  

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What are your next steps if you have a sewer backup in Austin

If you find out that you have a sewer backup, you need the expert plumbers with the proper training required to tackle this. Working with sewage comes with some environmental hazards that come with it.

We have well-qualified, licensed, insured and accredited technical plumbers that can provide a long-lasting solution on sewer system backup problems.  We have been able to build a reputation that no other rival plumbing firm can beat or overcome. 

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