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Our plumbing company is a locally owned and operated company in the Austin area. We ensure that our customers get our full support for all of their plumbing needs. We ensure that everyone gets treated with:

  • Fast and on time service
  • 24 hour service for plumbing emergencies
  • Fully licenses and insured technicians
  • Professional plumbers
  • Quality your can count on

To learn more about what we offer, go to our services page. You are just one phone call away from a professional plumber.

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Locally Owned & Operated

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Whether you are an Austin resident or business owner, we have the right technician for the job. Our plumbers are highly skilled and trained in any plumbing serve you may need. We can educate you on the best way to fix you plumbing issues.

Our plumbers will also give you an estimate on how much and long it will take you plumbing problem to be fixed. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for all residential and commercial plumbing. Some of the issues we fix are: 

Drain Cleaning – Prevent bad smells and clogging in your home by performing drain cleaning routinely. Our plumbers can remove any slime or debris clogging up your drains using high efficiency hydro jets.

Frozen Pipe Repair – Low temperature can cause your pipe to freeze which can in turn cause the pipe to burst, leak or prevent flow of water into your home for shower, laundry and more. 

Green Plumbing – Minimize the use of water and save money in the long run. Green plumbing can reduce energy costs and reduce water waste in your home. We can ensure your home is efficient with some upgrades and installations in your plumbing system

Pipe Leak Repair – Pipe Leaks can cause a mess and a small leak can cause a bigger leak done the road if left without repair.

Sewer Backup – Clogging, tree roots and collapsed sewer lines can cause your sewer to backup. When this happens, it can cause slow moving water and standing water which can in turn cause bad smells in your home. 

Water Heater Repair and Installation – If you have issues with you water heater like a leak, popping sound or need an installation (tank or tankless water heater) we can help.

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Enjoy a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when you use My Austin Plumber today. We are the trusted local plumbing experts and are highly rated by our customers

Why Hire My Austin Plumber?

Full Service Plumbing Company

We offer a variety of plumbing services. When you hire us, you do not have to outsource other work to hire another plumbing company to do other aspects of the work you need. This will give you the confident to know who to call and avoid the hassle of trying to figure out what company is responsible for what while the job is being doing and in the future.

Quality Plumbing You Can Trust

We treat every plumbing job like we are working on our own homes. With that being said, we only use quality parts, excellent machinery and do the best job for you. We stand being our 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. 

Highly Trained and Licensed Plumbers

We only hire the best. All of our plumbers are highly trained and licensed. We also go through annual training to stay current with the industry. You can trust our plumbers to have the highest skill needed to do the job you need.  

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